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School & Location

Lowell Technological Institute

Curriculum or Major






Lowell Technological Institute


Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry





 Consultant, Chemical Admixtures for Concrete, 2013 – present

  • Expert on Chemical Admixtures for Concrete.
  • Guidance and recommendation for chemical admixture applications and selection.
  • Troubleshooting concrete performance issues with special focus on use of chemical admixture.
  • Expert witness.
  • Course on chemical admixtures for concrete.
  • Chemical analysis of concrete.
  • Invited/guest speaker and lecturer on all aspects of concrete admixtures as invited speaker.

W.R. Grace, Cambrideg, MA, 1979-2013, Research Fellow

  • Analytical Methods Development  and Analysis – Cementitious Materials, Concrete, Admixtures
  • Troubleshooting  performance issues with cementitious mixtures
  • Admixture Product Development
  • Technical Service/Customer/Sales Support/Mentor;
  • Instructor for in-house Grace Concrete Admixture courses
  • Invited speaker for various concrete-related conferences and symposia
  • Authored 40 publications and 18 patents in the field of the analysis of concrete and performance of chemical admixtures.
  • Grace representative to ASTM and ACI
  • Numerous Grace Vision and Premier Awards.

Hydrocarbon Research; Trenton, N.J. 1976-1979; Lab Manager

  • Analytical Methods Development – Coal and Petroleum
  • Lab Management
  • Instrumental Methods: GC, Elemental analysis. MS, Hg Posorimetry

Bristol-Myers, Bristol Labs; Syracuse, N.Y. 1973-76. Methods Development Chemist

  • Analytical Methods Development –  Pharmaceuticals Materials.
  • Instrumental Methods: GC, HPLC, IR, UV, Polarography.
  • Member C09 Concrete Executive Committee (2012-); Chairman, ASTM Sub-committee on Chemical Admixtures(2005-2011)
  • 2000 ACI CANMET Outstanding Achievement Award-Chemical Admixtures
  • ASTM Fellow, Award of Merit, 2013
  • American chemical Society
  • Community Outreach Programs: (a) Director of Grace-Somervile High Young Scientist Mentoring Program; (b) Tufts Kids-to-College Speaker; and (a) Medford Schools Career Day Speaker.
  • Honorary Member – ASTM – 2004

4 thoughts on “Resume

  1. Hello Sir,
    I have a construction chemical company in india based out of mumbai and am interested in manufacturing of pc based admixture for m60 concrete i tried a lot of permutation and combinations but somehow not being able to get the desired results if you could help me out it would be great
    Awaiting your positive response

    1. Marmik,

      I will be glad to assist you for the manufacture of PC based admixture to achieve 60 mPA concrete. The admixture product that is desired will likely be comprised of a combination of the PCE having the appropriate polymer architecture and formulated with various other additives. I can give direction on the desired polymer architecture with limited advice on synthetic procedures. I have significant experience with formulation for high strength concrete admixtures. When working with companies, I normally proceed under a consulting contract which assures confidential exchange of information as well as my consulting fee. Please advise if you wish to proceed, and I will be glad to send my consulting contract.

      Ara A. Jeknavorian, Ph.D.
      Jeknavorian Consulting Services

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