Expert, Concrete Admixture Technology

Dr. Jeknavorian has extensive experience in the discovery, development, evaluation, and commercial implementation of new chemical technologies that can beneficiate the concrete construction industry. He has a profound knowledge of concrete materials and the engineering properties of concrete based on 34 years experience in the concrete admixture industry. Having worked as an analytical chemist investigating and troubleshooting concrete performance issues, and as a new technology and product development chemist, Dr. Jeknavorian possess a unique capability to understand the interaction and performance of various chemical agents from the molecular level to the macro-commercial properties of cementititous mixtures.

Dr. Jeknavorian has published 43 scientific articles in the field of concrete admixtures, is the inventor on 17 issued patents, and has been an invited speaker at numerous conferences and symposiums.

Dr. Jeknavorian is an active member of ASTM, ACI, and the American Chemical Society (ACS). In recognition of his contribution to the development of standards for concrete construction materials, Dr. Jeknavorian was the recipent of an Award of Merit, and has earned the title of Fellow of ASTM.

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